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phoossno UL CMP Plenum Rated USB 3.1 Extension Active Optical Cableb10Gbps

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phoossno UL CMP Plenum Rated USB 3.1 Extension Active Optical Cableb10Gbps 131ft Compatible with Microsoft Azure Logitech and Polycom Camera Xbox Printer Touch Screen Kinect Oculus VR Intel RealSense
  • Plenum rated USB Cable : USB 3.1 A male to A female Extension Active Optical with durable plenum rated jacket and strain relief for high strength and reliability; CMP/plenum rated cable for in-wall installations: ducts, walls, conduits, ceilings; Ideal for Commercial environments
  • Super Speed USB Cable : USB 3.1 extension cable is one of active USB 3.1 extension cable, use advanced Optical-Electric Converting technology, Support 10Gbps, extension USB 3.1 & USB3.0 and USB2.0 signal to 10m 15m 20m 30m max 50m without signal loss.[Do not support USB1.1, Do not support Mouse&Keyboard and Mic&Speaker]
  • Super Slim USB Cable :10Gbps USB 3.1 Fiber Optical cable is super Flexible & Light & Slim than traditional passive copper USB cable, OD 4.8mm is convenient and flexible to rotate, easily pass tight tubing conduits. It does not produce electromagnetic energy and is resistance for electromagnetic interference so that it’s secure and reliable for signal transmission
  • Durable and Reliable USB extension Cable: Nickle plated plug is corrosion resistance and enhanced signal transfer. Zinc alloy housing is for better insulation. Strengthen Kevlar covered fiber core is to help ensure its longevity. It passes at least 10,000 cycles of 90 degrees bending tests.
  • Comprehensive Compatibility:USB 3.1 Cable support Windows,ac,Unix Operation system,plug&play,no adapter or driver/firmware required.Compatible with USB-C MacBook Pro/MacBook,Oculus VR,personal webcam,Touch Screen,Game Controller,Printer,Scanner,Compatible to business video meetings and video conference rooms used camera:Microsoft Azure. Logitech . &AVER Camera,Vaddio Camera,Barco ClickShare,MicroSoft Kinect,Intel RealSense,Please make sure both of your devices are compatible before your purchase


fiber optical usb 3.1 cable

USB Extension 3.1 Cable

Phoossno USB extension cable is a long distance USB 3.0 (10Gbps 5Gbps ) and USB 2.0(480Mbps ) extension cable, it is uni-direction cable, the standard USB A side is used for connect the PC , it is host side; Another USB A female side connect other USB converting cable, such as USB A to USB C, USB A male to USB A male, USB A male to USB B male, and USB A male to USB Micro B. This is design can help end-user to use this cable to most possible USB interface device.



usb Fiber optical cable

Super Slim

phoossno USB 3.1 Extension cable is most Slight and flexible

Under the help of optical fiber technology, phoossno USB extension cable is slight and flexible, compared to copper USB extension cable, only 1/3 weight of copper USB extension cable, flexibility is easy for installation. (The comparison data is from phoossno Lab)

Super Longer

Super Slim USB Active Optical Extension Cable

Under the optical fiber technology, phoossno USB extension cable is slim, cable OD is 4.8mm, phoossno provide 10m and 15m, user can use this length at meeting room, office etc . (The comparison data is from phoossno inside Lab)

Super Fast

phoossno USB 3.1Extension cable is real 10Gbps

USB extension cable is optical fiber cable, support 10Gbps without any signal delay & loss, phoossno USB extension cable back compatible to USB2.0 and USB 1.1, work together with U-stick, Keyboard, Mouse, Hard-disk, USB Camera etc.

USB A TO C Fiber Optical Cable

phoossno USB A to M Extension transmission 10Gbps USB signal

Phoossno USB Active Optical Extension Cable is latest version USB 3.0 10Gbps, one side is standard USB A male , another side is standard USB A female, used for extension USB signal to 5m 10m and 15m length. Phoossno USB Extension Cable use integrated optical fiber engine in the USB head, transmission USB3.0 10Gbps 5Gbps and USB2.0 480Mbps signal to long distance without any signal loss, and transmission 5V 900mA power from Host side to the Remote side device.

Phoossno USB A to C Active Optical Extension Cable have strictly testing at production line




phoossno USB Extension Cable10Gbps Eye pattern Testing

Phoossno USB extension cable is tested by Agilent eye pattern, it is real 10Gbps extension cable on the marketing. Fast and stable than traditional copper USB3.0 extension cable

phoossno USB Extension Cable Compatibility Testing

Phoossno USB extension cable is tested by kinds of USB device, Logitec camera, Intel Camera, Aver Camera, Huddly Camera , and U-sticks, support Windows and Apple iOS operation system, designed for meeting room, machine vision, and other office

phoossnoUL CMP Plenum Rated USB Extension Cable   100% function testing before shipment

Each of phoossono  UL CMP Plenum Rated  USB 3.1 Fiber Optical Cable  A to M extension is 100% functional tested before shipment. To ensure that every product of phoessno has the best quality